Back in 2009 James Cameron release Avatar which revived 3D for cinema applications. The last time stereoscopy was a big deal in cinema was during the 50s. Avatar has been, by far, one of the best movies I’ve ever seen in 3D and read several articles about how James Cameron designed his own 3D rig to be used in the movie and it inspired me to make my own and get started in stereoscopic photography.

This is my original rig which was made as a proof of concept. I made this is just over a week to prove to myself that I would actually be able to make a 3D rig. I used this from 2010 until 2012. it has since been fitted to do time lapse video. NDK 2010, NDK 2011, and AnimeLand Wasabi 2012 were all primarily shot on this rig, along with the time lapse of NDK 2012. The cameras are both Canon Powershot A530 and simply mounted on a piece of wood and PVC pipe was used for the handles.

This was the prototype for my second 3D rig which I used to shoot Denver Comic Con 2012 as a test, where I noticed some of my measurement were off and was able to correct it before making the final version. The rig is made of several pieces of wood and PVC pipe used as handles again to hold the frame together. The cameras are mounted vertically in order to take better portraits. The Cameras are Canon Powershot SX110is.

This is my current rig and what came out of the prototyping at DCC 2012. This camera uses the same Canon Powershot SX110is but has been refined and is made of clear laser cut acrylic. The handles are clear acrylic pipes. This rig has been used to shoot everything from NDK 2012 on.

My 3D rigs aren’t done but I have taken a break from advancing them to focus on my other photography work.

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